Frequently Asked Questions

How do I load my account?

All you have to do is tap the ''LOAD'' button on your currency wallet and transfer money with the unique bank details provided to you.

Where can I use my card?

Generally, your card can be used all over the world as long as Visa is accepted. FYI - Visa does keep a list of countries where it prohibits the use of its products, so it’s best to check this list out before your do travel to ensure your card will be accepted at your destination.

Can I use my card even if the currency is not listed on the app?

Absolutely! If the currency you are using is not listed, it doesn't mean that you cannot use your TravelPay Money card to purchase. Your card will automatically convert your funds to the currency you wanted to use. If you encounter some problems during the transaction, please do not hesitate to reach out to us so we can check it for you.

What currencies can I load money in?

AUD only from your personal AUD bank account etc.

What are min’s and max’s for money swaps?

There are limits to how much you can swap in a single transaction. You can find these in the Product Disclosure Statement.

What exchange rate do I get?

Visa will set the foreign exchange rate you are charged. As these rates are constantly changing, we won't publish these rates to you.. Rest assured though, we will always do what we can to offer the best foreign exchange rate we possibly can!

I forgot my password.

Setting up a new password is easy and something you can do at any point in time through the in-app function When you’re trying to log in, just select ‘FORGOT PASSWORD’ and follow the simple steps.

I forgot my passcode.

When we ask for your passcode select ‘USE PASSWORD’ to allow you to log in using your password instead of your passcode. Doing so will delete your old passcode and you’ll be asked to set a new one.

I’ve lost my card and want a new one

Sorry to hear that but stress no more! If you haven't already, please freeze your card by giving it a double tap in your app. If you’ve looked everywhere and still can’t find it, then give us a heads up by reaching out to us via support ticket. Just tap ''HELP'' on your app ad a support representative will be in touch with you. You can also order an extra card on the app by going to your card section and tap (+) then choose order extra card.

How to reset my card pin?

If you forgot your card pin, you can reset it by going to the card section on the app and tapping on ''reset pin'' you should have set up your face ID/Biometrics before doing this.

What should I do if I lose my phone?

Call the phone number on the back of your card to let us know ( via a borrowed phone of course)! We will freeze all your accounts and ensure that everything is secure until you find your phone or get access to a new phone.

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